Processeurs de paiement

We use a few different payment processors for our orders to try make thing as easy as possible when it comes to your purchase. Please read below for information about each one:


This option will allow you to pay via a Paypal account (if you sign in) or using a credit/debit card via Guest checkout. Please find further information below regarding the options; Guest checkout – PayPal allows you to pay via PayPal without signing in to, or signing up to a Paypal account. You will be prompted to enter your card credentials and billing details. If you are unable to use the Guest Checkout option, it may be due to one of the following reasons: Incorrect email address: You have entered an incorrect email address or an email address that PayPal was unable to verify. Location is not supported: The ability to allow you to pay via PayPal through guest checkout is determined by your local PayPal organization’s security and risk management policies. Fraud prevention measures: PayPal has fraud prevention measures in effect for all transactions and therefore, in some cases, PayPal might prevent you from using the guest checkout if they feel that the transaction poses a certain risk. Sign in – If you already have a PayPal account, and wish to use this option, you simply need to click the ‘sign in’ button. Then enter your login credentials for the account you wish to use, and follow the steps on screen to complete checkout.


Stripe is another payment option open to customers, as we can collect payments in 23 countries. It also allows us to accept all major debit and credit cards as well as local payment methods. When you select this option, you will be prompted to enter your card credentials and billing details.


For you, as the customer, a SOFORT payment consists of 4 steps: You select your country and the bank you want to make the payment with. When you are on the log-in page of the secure payment form, you log in with yor online banking details. Then, you confirm the transfer with either a pin code or a card reader. You will then receive a confirmation of the transfer and/or confirmation of the order from our webshop.

This payment method can take around 3-4 working days to process, so the funds will be taken from your account and your order confirmation will be sent once the funds have been received.